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Lefron » 2 Dreams I Found
© 2009 lefron

2 Dreams I Found

disclaimer: dreams are unedited and pasted as written right when I woke up. I thought very intensely about whether I should alter (actually enhance) the dreams or not, and decided I shouldn’t taint the authenticity of my morning remembrance.

I’m at like a wedding reception with all my family. The cousins all go for a walk on the beach. We find umbrellas and are all sharing them as we skip back and forth. Then we go pose and sing a color coordinated song for the parents. (red colored umbrellas & dresses sing, then orange, then yellow). Then we go back to my house on 51st. I’m going to vacuum because there’s hair everywhere and crumbs in my bed, but the vacuum is the one from my dorm and it’s like smoking. I ask Hannah if its okay and she says to just turn it on and off and it’ll be fine. I try, but it stops working. I try to rinse it out in a sink in my room and it overflows and I spill water everywhere. There’s a voice somewhere on an intercom talking about taking science classes at Palladium because they aren’t required but taken as extra science courses.

star wars dinner

I’m at a football game and I walk by Andrea Zimmering. she is drunk and has pizza.

Driving with mom and others and it feels like a roller coaster. Then we’re sliding down a one way street that’s actually a clear plastic slide. I’m with Kendra Wilkenson at the bottom and she’s telling me a story so we start to hold up the line. I tell her to tell me on the way up so we can go. We lose William.

I’m at a movie theater with Andrew Dries, Stuart Fraser, and others. There are Asian people behind us. I sit next to stuart and he puts his arm around me. Then I lean over because I’m embarrassed because I said something about gangster Asians and there are some sitting behind us. then we start making out. Sloppy. Then he has his arm on my legs but I haven’t shaven in a while. Make out more. Then a lady comes to offer us beer and cookies and the Leffell kids buy cookies but theres not enough money. I try to give them coins and find a folded up ten dollar bill among them. We’re watching a movie I don’t like so I go to the bathroom. My shoes make too much noise. I come back and say something like atleast we’re not watching get rich or die trying or some other gangster movie. Then they tell me to hush cos theres also black people everywhere. I go to the bathroom again. I’m wearing plastic covers on my shoes and plastic gloves. The guy behind the reel opens the door and asks whose shoes are making the noise. Its mine so I tell him I’ll fix them in the bathroom. I’m in the bathroom and I go in my stall on the toilet. Then I see Kate Harris and Larken Yackulic come in to go tanning. Its Larken’s first time. I make sure to lock my door. Theres a nubbin of poop on the counter behind me. I see that theres a massage machine so I get on it and use it. It turns into a jeep and I’m driving Mo Costello. We’re going to my house and I know she needs to go to hers so I ask If she wants a ride there or to walk…she says Francis Yu is going to pick her up at her house…

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