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Lefron » Tornados
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Dream last night:

There’s a tornado and we have to prepare for it. We use bubbie & papa’s house to do it. All the children are there and tons of other people are shacking up there too. we have to gather all of our belongings and put them in the “big room.” Sue Wyatt (a gym member) is organizing us. we have to line up pillows in a pathway and then arrange all our clothes around them so that we have a path to sit on and clothes to grab from should we need them. We’ll need all the food in water in the big room because after the tornado hits (according to sue) we’ll all need to go into the big room so we can listen for snakes. I start stacking clothes and folding bras and making a path with them and I realize I did it all backwards. Then I find papa in the “jewelry room” getting all his important valuables. I tell him to pu them in the big room but he says no I have a safe to put them in. Then me and a girl (who I’m with the whole time but who’s identity I can’t remember-she’s blonde) go upstairs and all the clothes are on shopping racks and I’m thinking 1. I hope this tornado happens so I can take all these clothes after 2. I hope this tornado doesn’t happen otherwise all my clothes are gonna get taken after. Then a hostess takes us onto the balcony and its dark outside and we see the tornado coming so we rush downstairs. Everyone has gone into another room where there’s a huge window so they can watch the tornado, and bubbie & papa stayed in the big room. Me and mystery friend left bubbie & papa to go to the big room & I link arms with her as the tornado approaches. It lifts the house up and I can feel myself trying to stay on the ground and not get swept up. In my mind I’m thinking, (thankfully I have a history of making it through tornados…). Then we land in a outdoor train station in somewhere in the mountains. I know if we leave the platform the tornado could sweep us away again, yet everyone is getting off it to get snacks. My mom and dad are like “we’re gonna go get coffee real quick” and I’m like “no!!! seriously you’re risking your life for coffee? you can get coffee anytime just stay here please!” then somehow we all leave and start scaling the mountains on the side and we can see the whole horizon and it’s like sunset or sunrise and all the clouds are headed far away and following them is a flock of crows or some black bird. Aka tornado has passed.tornado

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