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Lefron » Water in the Sky
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Water in the Sky

I had the most beautifully terrifying dream; (out of order and in order of my memory), I was flying in a plane that was made of glass, so you could see everything above and below you. I had a seat in the front, but it was open in the front so it was like being in the front of a dangling roller coaster (yet the ride was smooth…) Initially when we took off we started moving backwards (I’m now remembering the drive to the airport-all the entry-ways to the planes were in tubes that ran underwater) and fell backwards until we shot up into the sky, to which my mother said “don’t worry, these sldf9(@#)490$ (code for I don’t remember what she called the plane, it sounded really cool though) rarely crash.” I then had an out of body viewing of the plane leaving the “regular atmosphere” and flying over this epic waterfall in the sky where the atmospheres met (the one where travel took place and the “regular” one. I watched planes fly into a colorful sector of the air above a sea of submarines and ships in a pink and yellow body of water in the sky…and from the plane we could drop little balls of energy that were used to reverse-magnetize planes into the sky into the water (after, of course we used them to launch planes). I wondered if our carelessness could have caused any accidents.

And now I’m seeing my brother in a dark, purple control room, trying to fix something and each time he fails the screenshot goes back to the control panel which sparks more each time (like a clue in a Final Destination movie that something’s going down) and I find myself walking up another stairwell to a new plane. This time it’s dark outside, the plane is crowded, and I can barely fit. I try to text my brother to tell him to get out of the room because I think there’s going to be an explosion, but my phone is both a flip phone, slide phone, rotating phone, etc etc and it has like a thousand buttons so I can barely text him. Finally we’re taking off and he responds just saying rachel, what? Fuck fuck fuck I text him again asking if he got out but he doesn’t respond and the pilot asks me what I’m doing with my phone and I lie and say I’m just trying to turn it off. He grabs it from me and goes, “woah, wtf.” Finally we take off (but this was apparently just a driving plane…) and seconds later an explosion goes off downtown and all the cars slide on the road, spinning out and slamming on their brakes (including us, in an airplane on the freeway).

I’m at a hotel with my  mother and Marnie and there’s a shelf on which you press a button and makeup comes sliding out in all directions. And there’s free dresses.

Huge storm, rolling clouds and tsunamis in the sky. Literally-waves in the air. I’m at a fish and chips place drinking coke and wandering around in humongous red sweatpants. Some bitch from Jersey Shore is talking to me like she knows me and keeps hitting on my date. Then this guy I know comes and grabs me away from them and starts kissing my head and asking if it’s “gonna be like this” and I tell him “no, what are you doing, I didn’t even think you lived near the fish and chips place.” And he thinks for a second and goes, “you’re right, I don’t.” I keep trying to keep my red sweatpants from falling off, and my first date keeps looking at me with a really sad look on his face like he feels bad for me and my humongous red sweatpants. Then he leaves with the Jersey Shore bitch.


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