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Lefron » Lost/Last Memories
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Lost/Last Memories

I’m running through a forest and get to a part of the path where the forest descends to my left and to the right is a hill going up about 15ft and then there’s a fence at the crest. I need to get to the other side of the fence, so I’m trying to run up the hill, grab the post, and hoist myself up. I keep sliding down the hill before I can grab the post. Finally, I get it, and I pull myself up but can’t get through the fence. I’m wearing moccasins. 2 friends to my left ask me to pull them up once I get over. Once they see my inability to get myself over, they decide to try for themselves.

I’m in Ste. Agathe watching old home videos, and there’s one in particular that I want on my computer. It starts with me in a red hat and overalls when I’m probably 2, walking over big rocks by the water in silence. Then I’m in my parents living room about a year later in a one-piece yellow suit, talking away and I say something memorable that of course now I can’t remember. In order to transfer videos to a tape, you had to go out to the frozen river, place your VHS under the ice, and press play on the video. So I walked across the rocks to the edge of the river and balanced myself on a rock. I put my blank VHS under the ice and started the video. My mother came out to join me, and when she did the water started to rise really quickly. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to reach for my VHS under the water, so I put my hand under the ice to keep a hold on it while it recorded, but the ice started cracking. Within seconds the ice had all cracked and floated at rapid speed down the river. My mother told me if I was going to jump in I’d have to stop the pieces, not try and catch them. I jumped into the freezing river and began sliding down it, chasing my memories. The river turned into a slide, my stomach now grazing a bright blue surface with pieces of ice below me, which were now glass. My memories were cutting me and I couldn’t grab them all, so I pushed as many of them as I could aside and finally escaped the current with all I could recover. Looking through the pieces of glass I only found a section of my red-hatted memory; the image was part of my head and a bit of the water in the background. The rest of the glass were like slides for a projector–little images of memories that had been shrunken to miniature images on pieces of glass. The rest of my memories had floated far down the river-slide.

I’m in Ste. Agathe again, but a different time. My mother is baking cookies for some occasion, and I’m helping/eating them. Jamie & Andrea are coming in from the airport, and Papa is getting angry because they were supposed to land 20 minutes ago but still haven’t called. He leaves to call them and as he does they walk in the back door. We yell at Jamie for not calling, and she apologizes saying she wanted to drive Andrea here so Papa wouldn’t have to come pick them up. Then we all start knitting in a basement that doesn’t exist. Andrea gets pissed because she’s trying to make a cool shirt out of an old one Linda gave her, but she can see her shadow i.e. the shirt is no good.

I’m at a football game with Kate and Phillip. We’re on the wrong side of the bleachers because everytime our team scores the other half cheers. It starts downpouring, and in THIS game of football whatever team made the first successful pass would win the game, and since it was raining none of them could see the ball. Finally our team made a pass and we won. Phillip volunteered me to give everyone a ride home. Typical.

My room is the same as your room. (Size wise)

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