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Owe It/Devote It; Why Don’t You Come on Over

Trembling, I wake my fingers one last time.

In motion and free closure I surrender the ability to lose
Come what may, I will Rouge

This is not just the beginning.

Past adventures avenged the advocates; I am not her,
But I am no critic.

Critically, I list my wistful thinking, derivative are my bulletpoints but
I stuff my wist

Opening this trunk, this treasure chest I find not one
But few
Pieces of carriage to travel upon or with that neither explain a belonging or to whom I owe the pleasure;
I have nothing to lose, quote me not repeat me twice, to gain.

Childproof/ish are the gummy vitamins I can no longer swallow
The doctors tell me so;
I must abide, for in lack of regulation I may fall /to/o.

There are crevices left and untouched, maybe never filled But,
Replenish me
Charming you are in the funniest of crimson light, this tastes so bitter in your absence

Smoothly, this prison is a home of silence and wonder
Bewildered I exist
on a branch of deliberate creed
of personal
yet Surely faith in Fate,
Barren are the bars, breathe deep young Skywalker
Challenge the crave and become soft to the queer absolute;

Chocolate may never taste so bitter, as you were naive to…
A simple list, folded neatly in a crisp envelope, tied gently with a ribbon labeled, “Valerie.”

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