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Lefron » The Morris Dream: P.S. is a Genius
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The Morris Dream: P.S. is a Genius

I cannot sleep. When Rachel cannot sleep, it is due to one of the following: hunger, thirst, adderall overdose, list-making (in my head, not on paper), playing with my hair because I showered before bed and now its oh-so-soft-and-silky, too much caffeine, I slept 17 hours the night/day before, I’m too hot (Bangin! Just kidding, I mean in TEMPERATURE), the TV is on, I keep reminding myself midway through falling asleep that I’m falling asleep WHICH is the dumbest thing I could ever do since it wakes me up. Sometimes, however, I simply cannot stop my mind from appreciating that liminal moment between waking and sleeping, where your thoughts are at the mercy of your subconscious but your body is still capable of sensing it’s wakened surroundings.

Lately I have been having some wildly intense dreams (by wildly I don’t mean anything too fantastical–wait a tick, this sounds like the beginning of a paragraph where I’m going to tell you about my dreams, so I don’t need to explain myself before explaining myself! Too bad, I just did!), in which the subject is so plausible that sometimes I wake up and my mood is affected because the events in my subconscious feel somehow accurate; it’s like they’ve happened before/haven’t happened yet/I am getting a birdseye view¬†of someone else’s experience in which I was not present but which could have very likely occurred.

My roomates are taking a class on dreams, and one of them was telling me about the possibility of “co-dreaming” in which two people have the same dream. This, of course, got me incredibly excited because I’ve always wondered if I’ve ever had the same dream as someone else; like maybe I paraded around in Vanessa Hudgen’s dreams and socked her in the face and she woke up one morning thinking, “god I wonder who that bitch was that punched me in my dream last night!” IT WAS ME, YOU DUMB HO. My roomie informed me that co-dreaming is not sharing the same dream, but rather experiencing the same dream seperately on purpose. One practices and prepares for the dream as you would for lucid dreaming, but you do it in pairs (or maybe more?? OMG). Okay, that was still pretty cool, but on a scale of Screech to Slater, co-dreaming was like a Kelly Kapowski, and I wanted the Zack Morris of dream sharing.

So I probed and proded, and dreammaster-roomenator informed me the Morris Dream is possible. That two people can infact not only dream the same storyline (trip to the ice cream parlor, ride on a rollercoaster, swim with mermaids, eat cheeseburgers and milkshakes, meet Zac Efron, make Zac Efron fall in love with me (whoever is sharing this dream with me might want to wait in the car for this part), become president and save lives, fly, talk to Baxter and have him talk back, sing millions of people to tears, line up Anne Hathaway, Renee Zellweger, and Kiera Knightly and open fire, cure diseases (all), and be naked the whole time) but be together for the adventure, recognizing that you are both asleep and sharing the same dream BLEW my mind. How is that possible? How can someone penetrate another’s subconcsious? Simultaneously? Is our subconcsious really just another vulnerable space in our thoughts that we are unwilling to open up on a daily basis? What if our subconscious has the potential to open given proper streching and exercise, but we’ve managed to lock it up so tightly that we are unaware of its capabilities?

This is not why I couldn’t sleep tonight. Not even close. But of course, since I decided to blog, since I was awake, now it is. Actually, I feel a bit of a calming sensation in my belief that it’s possible to enter someone else’s subconscious, just so long as you’re willing to let them to enter yours. It’s a little like ‘you get what you give’; if you put out a lot of positive energy, you’ll get positive energy in return. Maybe that’s all bullshit, but I find the kinder I am to people, even if it’s just exchanging names with the guy who gives me my coffee atleast twice a day, I’ve opened up a slice of me and Jason’s opened up a slice of him, and the liminal space (I like this word today, it was used in class! I so smart!) between us is that much smaller. No, I am not planning on sharing my epic dreamland with Jason, but I believe people have conscious experiences comparable to Morris Dreaming (gonna coin that shizz), and they’re capable of accessing other levels in their subconscious that can be opened and shared.

So, tonight, I invite you to my subconscious.

…If you’re still awake like this dumb ho.

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