Updated April 27, 2012

(in order of most recently added.) (well I mean as you go down they get more recent.)(I know that’s not convenient but it was too hard to do it the other way.)

1. Lists

twitter class of 2008

4. (parentheses)

5. coffee

awkard family photo

8. Hot Onvia Men

10. Nostalgia

11. The Lonely Island

12. Grocery shopping

13. Sandwiches. making AND eating.

14. What comes up when I Google-images “wtf”

15. This drunk guy:drunk

16. Reruns of Law & Order

17. Meryl Streep

18. Soft things


20. Getting e-mails from my BFFOMGLHSM

21. Getting Facebook notifications

21 ½.

22. Philosophy bath & body products

23. Swimming (in water)

24. (because I’m retarted)

25. Belgium

26. Stockings (at Christmas.) (actually I like the ones on my legs too.)

diet coke fail


28. Peeing when I have to go really really bad (which is like all the time)

29. Zac Efron

30. (see “asian phrases challenge”)

31. disposable cameras

32. outdoor music festivals

33. white zinfandel SAD.

34. yoga

Red Hat Check35. paychecks

36. children (ages 0-5 then 14 year olds. not much else. some exceptions)

37. making presents


39. parties that don’t NEED after-parties

40. dreams/when I stealthfully sneak into other people’s dreams

41. not wearing clothessplenda

42. buyyyyying clothes


44. putting on makeup at Sephora

45. kleptomania

46. how I feel after a workoutrachel zoe in her closet

47. laughing

48. Rachel Zoe

49. winning stuff (double entendre)

50. saying “WTF”

51. chain-smoking when I’m drunk

52. a really really good book

52. b) The Time Traveler’s Wife

53. sweets before breakfast

54. uncontrollable laughter

55. the 60sholiday cheer

56. the 70s

57. a good cry

58. surprises (giving and receiving them)


60. MY 21st BIRTHDAY

61. refusing to get haircutstrapped

62. watching hours of r. kelly videos on youtube

62. a) The Zoo b) Trapped in the Closet c) Number One


64. Baxter

binge eating65. Megan Fox

66. Ibid.

67. Finding money


69. Whiskey

70. Having digital cable

71. Binge eating

72. edit: My Coworkers

73. Pretending to work but actually updating my blog

74. Making macaroni at midnight

75. A friend who will let me sleepover even though she’s on her deathbed from exposing her body to mass amounts of narcotics & alcohol & spent most of the night before puking and most of her day sleeping naked sandwiched between her fireplace and space heater.

76. refusing to give Simon cigarettes, then giving in because I’m a push-over

77. Chatrouletting when I’m drunk

78. Chatrouletting when I’m sober

79. People watching

80. Swearing (cursing) …either way those both sound religious. FUCK

81. Finding a new song to be addicted to

81 1/2. Listening to said song on repeat until it makes me sick.

82. Running by waterthe charmed ones

83. Deja Vu

84. Feeling like your dreams are premonitions, especially when shit ACTUALLY happens. (I’m sort of like the Charmed Ones…)

85. Vacations (excluding packing, EXCLUDING UNPACKING)

86. Being greeted at the airport

87. peanut butter

88. Color Coating EVERYTHING

89. tracing words that are already printed on paper

90. people who challenge me (not to duels. figuratively speaking.)

mr-fix-it91. knowing how to fix things

91 1/2. Calvin & Hobbes!!

92ish. giving advice


94. epiphanies

95. when other people buy me coffee

96. babies (for looking at and poking, not having and owning)

97. people who can play the piano AND sing

98. Glozelle

99. My High School


High School Musical

101. Acafemales

102. My family.

103. Finding new hobbies/stealing other people’s hobbies

glee104. It’s true, I do, I didn’t before, but I’ve been converted, I yes, infact, do love, GLEE.

105. Time Zones

106. Running in the rain/monsoons

107. Sticking it to the MAN


109. Unforgivable

110. Popping zits (I want them to make a toy that has zits continuously reappear everytime you pop them like those bash’em games at arcades)

111. Peeling sunburns

112. Making Excuses.


no excuses

114. Eating things straight out of the box/bag

115. Showers/not getting out of them

116. Camping

old people in mud

116. a) tents

116. b) trailers

116. c) campfires/bonfires

116. d) hot dogs

116. e) being dirty MUD dirt

Suit Up Bitches117.

118. How I Met Your Mother

118. a) Barney Stinson UGGGHHH

119. Cactus

120. The Erotic Bakery andeverythingthatitdoes

121. Fry Bread

122. When you untie a knot that you’ve been TRYING TO UNTIE FOREVER HANGZOVERZ

123. Ibid, but when OPENING A FUCKING JAR

124. The first sip of hangover water

125. Overcastness

126. Fireplaces, real or fake

127. Campfires, real not fake

128. Camping…how is this not on here yet? Oh. It is. And it has subcategories. Fuck yeah.


William Godbe OH YEAH

130. Smiles OH YEAH

131. Pauly D. OH YEAH

132. I do, I do love Jersey Shore. And Taxis. And T-Shirt Time.

greys-anatomy133. Asia

134. Grey’s Anatomy

135. Captain Crunch

136. Watercolor

137. Sarcasm

138. Road trips

139. WinCo

140. Bulk food

141. Powerade Zerofrigo-cheese-heads-coupon

142. String cheese

143. Falling asleep without having to try

144. Waking up without having to try

145. Not knowing what time it is, and being someplace where it doesn’t matter

146. The feeling of rubbing my calves together after they’ve been freshly shaved and lubed (WITH LOTION, OKAY)

147. Getting out of school early

148. Daydrinking

149. Getting complimented on my figure/smell/face/hair/general aura

150. The tea they serve you at any Aveda Salon, get me that

151. Instagram

152. Mexican Food, don’t care if this is a repeat. Take me to Cactus, I marry you.

153. Just Mexican stuff in general, Coronas, Margaritas, Mojitos, Chips & Salsa, Guacamole, Sombreros, Macarenas